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Realtor Program

We have a complete proven system for locating, buying, rehabbing and marketing residential properties. The system is profitable for us, our real estate agents and brokers, and our investor clients.

As a broker or real estate agent, what if you aren’t licensed in one of these special markets?

What if your own region doesn’t afford this unique opportunity?

We have the solution!

The Realtor Program is a powerful way for real estate brokers and agents to increase real estate transactions and revenue.

Tapping into the Strongbrook organization expands an agent’s reach for property inventory into the best markets in the nation, and transforms an agent’s mostly idle client database into active real estate investors. Best of all, this is achieved without changing brokerage affiliation or changing the current way an agent does business.


  • Earn up-front enrollment commissions of up to $3,000 before your client even purchases their first property.
  • Brokers and Agents can earn large bonuses ($35,000) in addition to regular commissions when enough of your clients buy real estate through Strongbrook.
  • When a client buys in Strongbrook’s “Hot Markets” using all our resources, and with you doing literally none of the work, you earn a 25%* referral fee from the Strongbrook Realty agent commission on the transaction.
  • When a client buys in your market and you serve as the agent, you earn a 75% commission. (Please see qualications below for becoming a Certified Strongbrook Transaction Agent). NOTE: Some clients want to buy real estate they can see, touch, and feel. In these instances we use our system to help the client buy real estate in their own back yard market that works perfectly in executing their customized 10 year game plan.
  • When a client buys in your market and Strongbrook provides all the agent services, you still earn a 25%* referral fee.
  • You also receive a 25%* referral fee when your client SELLS a property originally purchased through Strongbrook (assumes Strongbrook Realty represents the clients and receives a commission)

* Referral Fee is 25% of the Strongbrook Realty agent commission on the transaction.


To ensure that each of our clients has the expected positive experience with Strongbrook we have very high and stringent criteria for the real estate agents working directly with our clients.

You may be eligible to become a Certified Strongbrook Transaction Agent, if you meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 5 years as an active real estate agent.
  • 25% of your business must be comprised of investment type purchases for your clients.
  • Minimum of 35 closed transactions in your last 12 months of doing business.
  • Ability to demonstrate strong relationships with REO and short sale sellers, as well as listing agents.

Interested in becoming a Certified Strongbrook Transaction Agent? We would love to speak with you!