Real Estate Investors Association of NYC
Jump Start Program
Real Estate Investors Association of NYC

Jump Start For REIA NYC Members


REIA NYC’s Jump Start Program is designed with two (2) program tracks which are designed for REIA NYC members (both New Investors and Experience Investors). We know your needs are different and we want to help you in the best way we can. Please choose your program track:

New Investor (REIA NYC Member):

Are you new to real estate investing? Maybe a little confused on how or where to start? REIA NYC wants to get you off to the fastest start possible and has designed processes to give you an excellent opportunity for success.

Experienced Investor (REIA NYC Member):

You have a few deals under your belt. Now it is more about increasing your profitability. We have compiled a list of items and activities you should consider and other suggestions on how REIA NYC can help you