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Investors Agent Program

An exclusive training program for wealth and income

If you are an Investor…

Who is also a Real Estate Agent OR are considering becoming a Real Estate Agent,


If you are a Real Estate Agent…

Who is also an Investor OR considering becoming an Investor

You can learn how to

Leverage Your Time & Make More Money…Not More Work!

For far too long Real Estate Investors and Agents have missed out on massive fortunes in wealth and income because the activities of both professions have been seen as separate and unique.

Our Investor Agent Member Program

This is for people looking to build additional income streams either through investing in Real Estate or getting a license and representing other Investors, perhaps even representing themselves.

There is a lot of potential when you learn to use your license as an income-producing asset. You can leverage it because you’re already doing the work. You’re either representing people or investing, or both. I’ll show you how to control that… to build additional income streams… without more work.

Core Elements

  • Learn how to identify the right areas for your clients so they make more money and thus you make more money.
  • Learn how you can use this information to invest in Real Estate yourself.
  • Discover how to manage the Investor-Agent relationship. This is the most critical step in maximizing wealth and income for both Investor and Agent.
  • Learn the effective marketing strategies to attract the most clients.

Top Reasons Real Estate Investors Should Get Their Real Estate License

  • Direct access to information and properties.
  • Access to a new world of tools.
  • Grow your network
  • Make and keep your own commissions.
  • Quickly develop an additional six figure system that provides wealth and income in any economy anywhere.
  • Quickly build and grow your own brokerage business to a 7-figure income stream.
  • Follow the clear path to creating a property management business.
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