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Legacy Leader Program

Legacy Leaders will learn and teach others how to create a life of prosperity and abundance now!

What is the Legacy Leader Program?

The Legacy Leader Program is a leadership and mentorship program.

With MENTour & WISE, individuals learn to become an effective leader and coach in the area of real estate investment, business ownership and personal development. Our Legacy Leader Program provides all the tools that coaches need to work effectively with clients to help them achieve their goals. Business, real estate and life coaches will benefit from using our effective tools and strategies at each stage of the coaching process – Preparing for coaching sessions, Analyzing goals, obstacles and issues, Coaching the client to success, and Motivating them to Take Action. The ideal Legacy Leader are those:

Just Starting Out – They will learn the mental attitude it takes to be an investor and how many without capital or credit, have been able to start successfully investing much sooner than they ever felt possible.

Starting Over – Those that may have been wiped out of assets they spent a lifetime creating.  Instead of trying to find their way back on their own, they can join mentors who are pros in their respective fields to help them navigate their way back in the shortest time.

Looking to Secure Retirement – Those that may have done and accumulated wealth, but are a little concerned about their retirement.

Already Wealthy – We help them diversify and create more, as well as the platform to allow them the opportunity to help others through our education options for educators & trainers.

Legacy Leaders understand that wealth is the only way to achieve true financial liberation and embrace the route to financial empowerment which involves four fundamentals: Creating, Managing, Protecting and Growing.

Legacy Leaders will play a leading role in initiating and executing a change in the way real estate is done in North America to fully develop the potential for individuals and nonprofit organizations alike. 

We will accomplish this by offering superior products and services, real estate fundraising opportunities, and providing educational articles and seminars.

Legacy Leaders serve as mentors and challengers of the status quo to transform nonperforming assets into income and wealth building tools.

Core Elements…

  • How to create Financial Freedom in 5 years or less
  • How college students & the retired can create residual income now
  • Launch your business with new funding by the end of the event.
  • To master the mindset of money, freedom and purpose.
  • Learn the best ways to market, sell and enroll people into your business
  • How to build a team of people and maximize your unlimited income as an ambassador.

Ready to Become a Legacy Leader and access the keys to rapidly expanding your net worth, bank account and residual income?

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