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WISE is here to help you find real business solutions!

Want to Become Successful Beyond Your Wildest Dreams as a Woman AND Investor!

One of the greatest benefits of becoming an active member of REIA NYC is that you can attend any of our Focus Groups.

Our Unique and Powerful Women Focus Investor Group Serves As Your Fuel For Abundance!

Hands-On Empowerment Conferences, Workshops and Classes

Do you have a real estate portfolio? Do you know how to make money and even manage your finances? If not, then I have good news for you! REIA NYC’S WISE Focus Group is here to put an end to all your real estate and financial obstacles. Learn how to make money and efficiently plan and manage your real estate and finances with team support. We’re here to educate you and guide you to become financial gurus of your personal and generational wealth.

The truth can set you free!

I need you to become a part of one of our REIA NYC Focus Groups (MenTour or WISE) that I have designed to work with all serious investors and entrepreneurs, to create a mindset that help you Take Charge of Your Financial Life, Experience Unlimited Happiness, Personal Development, Self-Improvement, Success and Satisfaction in All Areas of Your Life!

My name is Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., I specialize in real estate and financial empowerment coaching with the goal to touch and change people’s mindset and financial life. I want you to know one thing! “You’re not alone” I know exactly how you feel! And believe me when I say “you have reached the end of your unfulfilled financial life by attending one of our structured conferences, workshops and classes.

Our mission is to creatively deliver strategically designed and flawlessly executed wealth empowerment talks, presentations, keynotes and activities to help our attendees create, manage, protect, and grow wealth. Participants will share experiences and learn from one another through focused sessions and workshops.

We believe that true freedom doesn’t come from money alone, but from the knowledge that enables creation, management, and growth of wealth for a lifetime. Our REIA NYC Focus Groups are committed to empowering men and women to take full control of their financial future.

Our Focus Groups are not like anything you have seen before so don’t wait a second!

Are You Frustrated On Your Business Because You Are Not Earning Enough, You Have A Great Skill And Expertise But You Think You Are Not Paid Enough For It, You Don’t Have A Good Financial Plan To Make Your Business Grow And Make A Difference Or You Want To Start Up A New Business But You Don’t Know The Way Forward?... Our Focus Group is for you!

For more info about our WISE Focus Groups, contact us at us at (646) 278-6724 or


Remember ...

  • Whether you are just starting out or starting over…You Are Phenomenal.
  • Whether you are divorce or looking to get married…You Are Phenomenal.
  • Whether you are an experience real estate investor or a newbie…You Are Phenomenal.
  • Whether you are looking for your first job or looking to secure your retirement …You Are Phenomenal.
  • Whether you have gone through bankruptcy or short sale or already wealthy…You Are Phenomenal.

Become a Catalyst For Transformational Change & Wealth!

Get Actively Involved In:

  • Creating awareness regarding financial literacy
  • Strategic networking
  • Development of business alliances
  • Supporting new investors in building and expanding businesses
  • Creating new relationships based on mutual interests
  • Finding new partners in the field

Attend An Event

Join Us For Insight & Advice for the Investor and Entrepreneur

Our events provide individuals with an excellent platform to acquire firsthand knowledge and accounts of experiences from some of the most successful business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate investors around. Our seminars allow attendees to:

  • Acquire motivation needed to achieve goals
  • Create and manage businesses
  • Brainstorm ideas for successful expansion of existing businesses
  • Find partners with similar interests and goals
  • Develop leadership and communication skills necessary to survive and succeed in the field